Travellers Club

Travellers club

The Travellers Club stands at 106 Pall Mall and was established in 1819.
Here fellow travellers meet to share stories of mythical adventures experienced in the jungle of Congo or in the cold waste of Antarctica. Distinguished foreigners and out-town members can find hospitality in one of the multiple bedrooms located in the first floor.
The club building includes a smoking room (a large common room which looks over Carlton Gardens), the cocktail bar and adjacent Bramall room (which gives access to Carlton Gardens), the Outer Morning Room (a large drawing room overlooking Pall Mall, and connecting to an Inner Morning Room), and the dining room (known as the Coffee Room).
The magnificent library is decorated with a recreation of the Bassae Frieze.

Subscription * fee £7, yearly fee £3

  • Membership is rejected to "whom has not travelled out of the British islands to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line”

Travellers Club

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