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Located in St. James Square off Pall Mall, this is a well known and respected private library. The vast collection of books and old newspapers is a bit dusty but can please you with long hours of good and interesting readings.
The library’s collection includes books dating from the 16th century to the present day and it is strong within the fields of literature, fiction, fine and applied art, architecture, history, biography, philosophy, religion, topography, and travel.
Collected periodicals date back to the very first publication of the Oxford Gazzette in 1665.

Looking for a very old and rare manuscript?
Looking for an article written in one of the first published newspapers?
Do not look anymore! Join the London Library now and a get a discount on the subscription for one of your friends!

Subscription * fee £3, yearly fee £1

  • Subscriptions are subjected to scrutiny by trustees and can be rejected at any time for any unstated reason.

The London Library

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