Sir William Cavendish

A respected physician, surgeon and scientist


Sir William is about 60 years old. He is known as an austere and serious man of science that has dedicated most of his life to help the needy and the sick opening hospitals in the most decadent areas of London.

Ambitious, pragmatic, devoted to science and knowledge he refuses any kind of superstition or occult belief. He has become famous for his contributions to the Natural History Museum as a comparative anatomist, for backing Darwin’s evolution theory and for his heated discussions with eminent personalities of the Anglican church.

He graduated at an early age at the Royal College of Surgeons and participated at the Crimean war as a medical officer. In 1858, thanks to his achievements as a surgeon and physician, he was granted the knighthood while his many scientific papers allowed him to join the list of Fellows of the Royal Society.

In more recent years Sir William has focused his efforts towards teaching comparative anatomy and, in conjunction with Prof Huxley, promoting science to a wider public .


Sir William Cavendish

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